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Reglazing your bathtub will not only create beneficial, short-term effects—such as a more placid environment for you to enjoy but can also improve the entire aesthetics and value of your bathroom, which could be greatly beneficial to you in the long term.

If your bathtub is falling apart or is not as functional as you would like it to be, you can affordably create it with our bathtub refinishing and reglazing services.

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Here’s how it works

01. Clean

Our professional bathtub repair expert will start by washing and sanding down the surface of the tub. This removes any light scratches or stains.

02. Repair

After that, they’ll fill in any remaining cracks or chips.

03. Coat & Paint

Then they’ll cover the tub in a coat of primer and paint. They may have to add multiple coats, depending on your tub. Once the painting is done, optional 60 days before you can add buffing service.

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