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Our Warranty

MS Refinish LLC warrants that all the work that we perform will be free from delaminating, cracking, peeling or any workmanship defect (not caused by neglect or mistreatment on the part of the customer) for a period of ONE year*.  If any of our work requires a touchup and falls within the limits of this warranty, all labor and materials will be supplied at no charge.

 MS Refinish will NOT be liable for:

  • Damage caused by objects placed on the refinished surface such as suction-cup bathmats, pillows, soap dishes, or any similar products used on the surface.

Note: We do offer a slip-resistant surface on tubs and showers. If slipping is an issue you may want to consider this option.

  • Damage caused using any product not specifically designed for acrylic surfaces including Comet, Kaboom, Ajax, or ANY other abrasive cleaners, acids, toilet bowl cleaners, hair dyes, etc.
  • Do not bathe animals, as their claws may scratch or chip the surface.
  • Damage caused using abrasives such as scrubbing sponges, steel wool, sandpaper, or any other gritty objects or cleaners.
  • Damage was caused by the bathtub being exposed to water within 48 hours following the completion of the refinishing.
  • MS Refinish LLC is not responsible damage caused by tools, ladders, or other heavy objects in the tub, dropped on the tub, or knocked against it.
  • MS Refinish LLC is not responsible for bubbling or peeling due to moisture trapped in the area or from unrepaired leaks.
  • MS Refinish LLC is not responsible for dust particles that may fall into the tub while the new finish is drying. Most particles caught in the topcoat will be removed naturally in the process of complete surface cure of normal use and cleaning. “Picking” at spots is not covered.
  • MS Refinish LLC. will not be responsible for any damage caused if the care instructions are not followed.
  • MS Refinish LLC. is not responsible for damage caused by the removal of any tape and paper by the homeowner. Care and patience are required.
  • MS Refinish LLC. is not responsible for damage caused by plumbing, carpentry, drywall, tile and renovation work.
  • MS Refinish LLC. is not responsible for paint that may peel from the walls during the removal of masking material. Masking paper and plastic film is used to protect the walls and ceiling from overspray. Masking tape or (Blue painters’ tape) is used to adhere the paper/plastic to walls & ceilings.
  • MS Refinish LLC. is not responsible about sliding or shower doors/mirrors.
  • MS Refinish LLC. is Paint & Refinishing company we have no plumbing license.

Rust, corrosion, mineral buildup, spot repairs, and all other surfaces are not covered under warranty. Any warranty given by MS Refinish LLC. is not transferable to a third party. Any scratching, deterioration of glossy surface, or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practice, or water conditions will be considered normal wear.

Items not covered under warranty: Sinks, Floors, Tubs w/Rust or corrosion, Soap holders, Chip Repairs, Refinished products in Commercial or Rental Properties.


*Surfaces refinished on commercial or rental properties are covered under warranty for a period of (3) year premium pack and (1) year standard pack

Repairs will be made to the best of our ability and will be subject to the following charges:

Service Charges during Warranty Period:

Repairs covered under warranty for the first 90 days: ….. No Charge

Repairs covered under warranty after 90 days: ……………. $55.00

Repairs not covered under warranty: …………………………… $99.00 + Repair Charge


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